Transforming reality into a dream Having traveled through almost all the circuses in the world, from the most classic to the most modern, I have always sought to create new finds, and the need to communicate them with a certain warmth.
I like to use shocking as well as tender images, and want to keep circus disciplines in my work. I compose both my gags and my music.
  I continue my journey, on all the roads that lead to the circus, from Rome to Tokyo, from Paris to Goteborg, from New York to Athens. Everywhere where this sawyer leaves its mark, in this no man's land where the clown finds his freedom of movement and can express his art with all quietude.

The choice of the clown began to be declared when I was 14 years old I saw at the Theater du Vieux Colombier in Paris, during an outing with my school, the clown mimics Dimitri.
This way of expressing myself just with the visual, fascinated me and made me die of laughter.
So I decided to become

"The ring"

"The Clown"

Years passed. and I did a lot of things in the artist field, puppet theater music, and a lot of other things and then a circus school opened in Paris. The Fratellini school. I signed up.
4 years of training, and my career began in this world that I loved above all

The Circus